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Responsible sourcing has always been the core of our business. Since 1995, our company has been a trusted partner of multinational companies, retail stores and local brands in creating custom-made products that form part of our client’s marketing mix.

We make sure to work within the parameters of our clients, following stringent quality industry standards, fastest possible lead time and cost effective solutions.

For more than two decades, we have stayed true to our commitment in creating products that reflect the brand identity of our clients further enhancing their presence in the market.

Our products are the reflection of our client’s brand, an extension of what they stand for. It mirrors who they are as a company, what they are as a brand. We at Blooming, understand that there’s more to these products than what meets the eye, ultimately, it tells us a story.

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Benefits of Engaging with Sourcing Professionals

We understand that the online selling platforms has made buying and selling easier by the day and our company do not compete with that, in fact, we welcome the advancement.

But for the more sophisticated clientele, who require more than just a simple buying and selling platform, comes our product sourcing experience.

We understand that the products, however simple, demand care, intention, and attention because it is an extension of your brand. Working with us gives you the guarantee that we understand the high levels of procedural requirements.

What we offer you is the peace of mind that your orders are handled by product sourcing professionals backed up by years of experience in this industry.

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